Want to know if your relationship is a moon sign match made in astrological heaven? Your moon sign is determined by where the moon is at the time of your birth. Now that you know your moon sign, find out how which moon signs you are most compatible with below! Those born when the moon is in the sign of the Ram are adventurous, driven, and enthusiastic when it come to their love life. You go after what you want with confidence. See your full Aries love horoscope for Your perfect partner may not have to be magazine-cover beautiful, but they do have to take the best possible care of themselves. You get along best with another Taurus, discriminating Virgo, or organized Capricorn. Gemini moons are versatile and somewhat reckless, which means you tend to be a flirt.

A Beginner’s Guide to Astrological Rising Signs and What They Mean

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Simply put your date and time of birth into one of these forms to find out your and keep these considerations in mind when dating someone of a different sign. Sometimes people with the same moon sign can still form solid relationships.

Star-crossed lovers: The phrase has made waves through the centuries. Yet the debate stubbornly remains the same: Is it in the stars? Or is in your head? Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Hippocrates all seemed to favor the idea of an unalterable, inescapable, predestined fate between two lovers, a knot tied sternly together by the gods, if you will. And who can blame anyone for taking a cue or two from these brilliant figures, especially when your last three boyfriends have all been Leos?

Admittedly, the thought of having some sense of control over your own destiny is a tasty one. But sprinkle in a little modern science, add a touch of wishful thinking, and you might realize that you are only prey to your own premeditations.

Astrological Compatibility Can Tell You If Your Love Is Written in the Stars

What are Moon Signs? Moon Signs help define our emotional development, or express the unconscious side of our personality. It explains why we do what we do.

When you meet someone you like, it’s only natural to want to learn everything there is to know 1. If You Have the Same Sun and Moon Signs.

Ah, la luna! Your moon sign and your Sun sign combined make up a more in-depth portrait of your personality. Stability, loyalty, consistency: check! With the moon in Taurus or the 2nd house, you have a deep need for security in every area of life. The desire-driven moon is exalted in Taurus, which is its most potent position.

This blesses you with high levels of emotional intelligence E. Friends and lovers may be surprised by how much they can lean on you—especially if other planets in your chart make you appear rebellious.

Discover What You Bring from Past Lives

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Cafe Astrology links to a compatibility report: Do Gemini and Leo get along? What will face a Virgo and a Scorpio in a relationship?

Skip navigation! Story from Horoscopes. If there’s a dating platitude we hear more than “opposites attract,” it’s the exact reverse of that sentiment: “We have so much in common. But, if you ask an astrologer, you should pay more attention to the signs you happen to share with your S. Namely, having the same moon sign as your partner foretells of a deeply intimate, if emotionally intense, relationship.

The sign in which the moon was placed at the moment you were born which you can pinpoint by having your natal chart read indicates who you are as an emotional creature. Most people only express their moon sign when they’re alone or with those closest to them, as this sign determines your feelings and where you derive personal fulfillment.

Dating the same moon anyone?

Fire moon pros: They can be very upbeat with each other and they know exactly what the other needs to feel content and comfortable. They can talk a lot about nothing and everything Air moon cons: They can both be a little closed off about emotional matters and neither really wants to open their old wounds first and it could take awhile for them to start to actually know each other. Most individuals are too future oriented to focus on the past, so they forgive and forget easily. They need a challenge to keep them interested.

They are protective of the ones they love, and will not hesitate to stand up for anything they are emotionally invested in.

Discover which Moon signs are most compatible with yours Scorpio Moon signs may pose a challenge, and while dating a Pisces could be nice, At the same time, you may also appreciate a Cancer Moon’s more nurturing.

While your Sun is the part of you that everyone sees in the world — your personality, your Moon sign is more hidden as it rules your emotions and your subconscious. Your Moon sign shows your needs in relationships and how you will get along living with someone else. You will need your exact time of birth to determine your Moon sign as the Moon changes sign every couple days.

You love the thrill of sudden love or lust and are not afraid to bear your heart on the first date. You express yourself honestly, quickly and put your feelings all on the table. Igniting the passions in those around you, make sure you are prepared to finish what you start. Turn ons: Sexting, quick make-out sessions in the elevators, massaging the head, ears.

Your Moon is in the sign ruled by Venus giving you that sweet and sensual vibe. Unlike the sign before you; routines, stability and predictability is a big turn-on for you. In fact essential if you are even going to make it to a second date. You may enjoy cooking with your partner, hiking together, or even playing music together. You will take time to explore everything about your partner as long as they make you feel secure.

— Pros/Cons of dating someone with the same moon…

Post a Comment. Tuesday, September 1, Couples with the same Moonsign. Moon in Aquarius is not an uncommon position of the Moon in the charts of comics, comedians and clowns. I have several examples on my blog art-astrologie. Schippers July 1, , 16h45 Groningen; less than a day later than Corrie van Gorp.

The Moon’s sign is only one of the many ingredients that make you the person who you are, of course. That is OK. Because if you and your.

Most people think attraction has to do with sun sign. But actually, this is not true, because most of the time sun-sun compatibility has little importance – no more than giving a general vibe that the relationship would give off. Instead, we should really focus on connecting energies between two charts. Read my post here about how compatibility really works. Here are some common connections that indicate attraction between two people. These are not the only indicators of attraction there are many more involving asteroids or other points , but they are the most common ones involving personal planets.

And also, having any of these connections does not guarantee a relationship will work out – they just give an indication of a strong connection between two people. Having too many of these could potentially make a relationship overwhelming, while having only one might not be enough to keep a relationship going. Originally posted by mariannaraskin. When you meet someone with the same Moon sign as yours, you naturally find them kind and trustworthy.

I know that moon signs are easily accessible these days, but I made this post solely for refreshing my memory on the moon signs, and to try and get a better understanding of them. Just make sure to let me know what your rising, moon, and sun sign are. Please send them in an ask :. When conflicted with trying to express yourself to someone, how do you approach the issue?

Starstruck: What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Romantic Compatibility

IP: Logged. Same sun relationships aren’t known to be that great, IP: Logged. My last beau had a cancer moon Aquarius with Sag rising and I found this man to be too smothering and clingy for me.

While your sun sign tells the world what you want, your moon sign shows how you order to feel comfortable, so find someone who will do you the same courtesy. Whether it’s a friend who feels like family or a date who makes you feel tingly.

I know a thing or two about sun sign compatibility I wrote a book about it! The moon is a symbol of home, and whether you plan on spending the rest of your lives or one magical night together, understanding what makes someone feel respected and cared for is a critical aspect of connecting. Planning a date with someone based on their moon sign is one simple way to use astrology to show you care. Download the Astro Guide app by VICE on an iOS device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, and learn how to apply cosmic events to self care, your friendships, and relationships.

Aries moons want to be in charge…. Most of their shopping is done with impulse purchases, so if you put in the effort to pick out something special, they will be flattered and moved. Any evening that ends with the two of you play-wrestling will be a night they remember.

Moon Sign Compatibility

So moon sign compatibility between 2 or more people represents a significant power of energy in how we connect and relate with each other. If you need to read about The Moon and what the moon means for all the signs, click on the Moon Signs link to read more information. Moon sign compatibility is very different from the sun sign compatibility that you might see in a daily horoscope.

I’ve found that someone too much the same as me doesn’t challenge I have never come across another with the same sun and moon sign as me, in person. I did date another Aries a long time ago and he had a Virgo Moon.

As the weather cools down and cuffing season approaches, you might be wondering how to create that covetable cozy vibe with a new partner. Luckily, the stars have your back! Your moon sign reveals what you need in order to feel truly comfortable in your blossoming relationship, be it with a new BFF, a creative collaborator, or a crush. While your sun sign tells the world what you want, your moon sign shows how you can best receive it.

A Virgo moon needs quiet, constructive criticism, while a Leo moon thrives on outspoken, dramatic gestures. Totally different approaches, but both beautiful in their own way! Once you know your moon sign, you can better communicate those needs to your partner, and grow even closer to each other.

Moon Sign Compatibility in Astrology

Love is complicated, but your moon sign can help you to see if the two of you are made for each other. The moon represents your emotions and how you respond to others in relationships. Your moon sign is determined by the position of the moon during your birth. Note that every sign referred to is a moon sign less well-known than the star sign : Aries is someone with a moon in Aries, etc. Aries matches Aries, because they need someone who has the same ease and charisma.

There can be a spark with a Leo, too, but Scorpions or Cancers are a no go.

The thoroughly emotional people that they are, the first thing that a Cancer native will do when he/she meets another same zodiac sign native is to start relating.

However, since they are also compassionate, the Cancer-Cancer relationship will be very compatibles as they will not only understand each other very well, but will also keep comforting each other. The Crab has a tendency to to retreat into their shells when feeling low, so none of their friends or relatives can figure out what is eating them. The only person who can come to their rescue is another Cancer native.

The Crab has a habit of clinging on to negative thoughts and events forever, so that even after they have grown up they can still remember, and brood over, even trivial things that happened and hurt them in their childhood. They have a habit to brooding over such things day and night, and even have nightmares about them. However, Cancer man and woman are also very sensitive and grateful people, and if you have done them a good turn, they will remember that too and try to recompense you for it the moment they get a chance.

The Crab grows up feeling very emotionally and financially insecure, and most signs, except to an extent a Scorpio or a Pisces find it difficult to understand them. The only person who can sympathize with them fully is another Crab, which is why a Cancer Cancer love match can be very compatible and smooth. They are also very lonely people and, again, it is only another Cancer that can fill up the empty spaces in their hearts. The Cancer-Cancer sexual relationship is the stuff that fantasies are made of.

There is a lot of action between the sheets — and a lot of procreation too. Yes, this pair ends up having lots of children. Sometimes they can get so obsessed with sex that it can harm their professional careers, so they need to understand that at least one of them need to do work — other than sex — to fetch in the daily bread.

10 Best Zodiac Combinations For Relationships

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