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This exercise will demonstrate how to use BEAST to estimate the rate of evolution of an influenza virus data set that has been sampled from multiple time points. To undertake this practical, you will need to have access to the following software packages available from tree. We are going to analyse the haemagglutinin gene of 21 influenza A viruses subtype H1N1 sampled between and The sampling date, in years, is included at the end of each sequence name. The alignment length is bp. Load the Flu. Once the alignment is loaded, it is listed under the Partitions tab together with information about the alignment:. By default the sampling date of each sequence is equal to 0.

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The MCMCTree program for dating now implements models to obtain BEAST or MCMCTREE) use different strategies to integrate fossil information into a.

It implements a full coalescent model, but uses a novel algorithm to integrate over all possible gene trees, rather than sampling them explicitly. Rather, it uses Markov chain Monte Carlo MCMC to generate multiple trees and corresponding parameter values , each of which is a sample from the posterior distribution of species trees and parameters. The trees and parameter values are output as two files.

As with all MCMC analyses, care must be taken when interpreting these outputs. For example, it is necessary to check convergence and be prepared to consider multiple plausible species trees, instead of just one. The file containing parameter values can be analysed using the Tracer software. As with all MCMC software, it is advisable to run multiple analyses, possibly tweaking proposal parameters, to validate an analysis. More information on Beast 2 can be obtained at Beast 2 web site.

It can be used to draw trees where branch width indicate population sizes.

Divergence Time Estimation using BEAST

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It is divided into three exercises:. This exercise will guide you through the analysis of an alignment of feline papilloma virus FPV sequences. The goal is to estimate the rate of evolution on each lineage based on dates of divergence of their host species. BEAST is currently unique in its ability to estimate the phylogenetic tree and the divergence times simultaneously. This is a user-friendly program for setting the evolutionary model and options for the MCMC analysis.

The second step is to actually run BEAST using the input file that contains the data, model and settings.

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The tutorial involves co-estimation of a gene phylogeny and associated divergence times in the presence of calibration information from fossil evidence. This tutorial will guide you through the analysis of an alignment of sequences sampled from twelve primate species see Figure 1. The goal is to estimate the phylogeny, the rate of evolution on each lineage and the ages of the uncalibrated ancestral divergences. This is a user-friendly program for setting the evolutionary model and options for the MCMC analysis.

The final step is to explore the output of BEAST in order to diagnose problems and to summarize the results. Run BEAUti by double clicking on its icon. Once running, BEAUti will look similar irrespective of which computer system it is running on. For this tutorial, the Mac OS X version is used in the figures but the Linux and Windows versions will have the same layout and functionality. The example file called primate-mtDNA.

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But when I use Figtree to visualize the tree, it shows me all the nodes, even them with very Minimum sample size for accurate BEAST clock estimation/dating?

Phylogenies provide a useful way to understand the evolutionary history of genetic samples, and data sets with more than a thousand taxa are becoming increasingly common, notably with viruses e. Dating ancestral events is one of the first, essential goals with such data. However, current sophisticated probabilistic approaches struggle to handle data sets of this size. Here, we present very fast dating algorithms, based on a Gaussian model closely related to the Langley—Fitch molecular-clock model.

We show that this model is robust to uncorrelated violations of the molecular clock. Our algorithms apply to serial data, where the tips of the tree have been sampled through times. They estimate the substitution rate and the dates of all ancestral nodes. When the input tree is unrooted, they can provide an estimate for the root position, thus representing a new, practical alternative to the standard rooting methods e.

Our algorithms exploit the tree recursive structure of the problem at hand, and the close relationships between least-squares and linear algebra. We distinguish between an unconstrained setting and the case where the temporal precedence constraint i. With rooted trees, the former is solved using linear algebra in linear computing time i. With unrooted trees the computing time becomes nearly quadratic i.

Using simulated data, we show that their estimation accuracy is similar to that of the most sophisticated methods, while their computing time is much faster.

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By having sequences sampled through time, BEAST is able to estimate the timescale of the tree and the rate of evolution. See Rambaut for a description of how this is done albeit in a maximum likelihood rather than Bayesian context. Which ever way they are specified, BEAST will convert these dates to a standard time axis that runs backwards from the most recent tip which becomes the zero point in the axis. If provided as calendar dates then the timescale will be in units of years.

For other forms of dates the units of time will be that of the dates provided – days, years, thousands of years etc.

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